Vagotex is the producer of WINDTEX film. Windtex is a heat regulating membrane that in addition to reject water and wind and mantain the microclimate between skin and tissue, is light and elastic.

The quality of our goods, together with the expertise, has enabled us to obtain the international certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by the Certitex Organism.

Winter clothing
The heat produced by a human being varies from about 100 W when resting to over 1000 W during physical effort. During winter sports, despite the surrounding low temperatures, the body temperature and as a result the production of heat increases. In order to keep body temperature within certain limits, heat is lost through perspiration.
At this point, clothing plays an important role: heat retention compromises physical activity if the fabric does not breathe. Windtex’s excellent breathing capacity as well as its heat retention protect the body’s microclimate.