Vagotex is a leading Italian manufacturer specialized in lamination and bonding of technologically advanced fabric. We provide high quality material for footwear, sports garments as well as protective industrial clothing.
Since 1980, Vagotex has constantly focused on innovation and quality through research and development, in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our extensive experience has also enabled us to create Windtex®, a waterproof windproof material, which has become an internationally recognised brand. Our mission is to reach a high standard of quality in
manufacturing and service in which our customers are able to trust.

La qualità dei prodotti, unitamente alla competenza, ci ha permesso di ottenere la certificazione internazionale UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 tramite l’Organismo Certitex.

Materiali per cambratura e rinforzi

Vagotex offers a wide range of solutions for a top quality crimping. The several articles proposed can
meet any requirement. You will fi nd items with different weights and characteristics, suitable to any kind of leather, from the softest and thinnest to the thickest and heaviest one.Furthermore, Vagotex has developed different types of thermo adhesives to guarantee a lasting and trouble-less gripping even on vegetable tannings, on leathers which are greasy or with
particular treatments.

The crimping materials mentioned are just a selection of the articles which make up our complete range. Furthermore, our laboratory is active in the constant research and development of new materials, for a more update proposal aiming to sort out any requirement of the footwear industry.

TELA 17: Plain weave fabric suitable as reinforcement for leather.
TELA 104: Compact plain weave fabric for light reinforcements.
TELA SOFT:Brushed plain weave fabric ideal for soft leathers.
TELA SOFT 3: Brushed heavier fabric ideal for heavier leathers.
TELA AFRICA: Fabric suitable for the lining tips of the shoes.
TELA DRILL: Fabric suitable as reinforcement or lining for shoes and bags.
CUBA: Bounded fabrics suitable for preforming of sinthetic lacquer.
ELAST 90: Soft light jersey 130 gr/mtl. Soft reinforcement for light leathers.
ELAST 120: Light soft jersey 170 gr/mtl. light reinforment soft leathers.
CAMBRA 130:Resinated and lightweight jersey 130 gr./mtl. Suitable for leathers needing harder touch
CAMBRA 170: Resinated light jersey 170 gr/mtl. Suitable for leathers needing harder touch.
SUPER CAMBRA: Heavy resinated jersey 300 gr/mtl. Used to reinforce and crimp leathers.
ELAST 2/90: Double jersey ideal for crimping leathers needing strong support.
ELAST 2/95: Double jersey ideal for crimping leathers needing strong support.