admin | 28 luglio, 2016

Great satisfaction in Alé Cipollini Galassia Team’s home for having even three athletes at 2016 Olimpic Games in Brasil.


Manager Alessia Piccolo:It’s the proof of the goodness of our project, I’m proud of my team”.


“It is a big pride having three cyclists of our formation in the Olympic Games expedition” -said Alessia Piccolo, the President of Alé Cipollini Galassia team, with satisfaction, who explains- “This is the proof of the goodness of our project, of a team which worked towards quality and internationality and which is working very hard.

The attendance of the Polish Malgorzata Jasinska, of the Swedish Emilia Fahlin and the Basqua Ane Santesteban at the Olympic Games is the successful completion of a working year, as the Executive Director Fortunato Lacquaniti confirmes: “Having even three of your own athletes is the proof that we worked well and it is a big emotion for me too. I hope they will work out a good race, it’s an hard route but being in Rio is already a great victory”.

The goal we chased and hoped for the whole season was made possible by the great work our team did. Giro d’Italia and Thuringen were the last test bed and three athletes’ good performances let them gain the ticket for Brazil.

Malgorzata Jasinska, twice reserve, in Pechino 2008 and London 2012, will compete to her first Olympic Games: this is a great opportunity and a great thrill for her and the route is very suitable to her characteristics. For Emilia Fahlin, instead, is the second times.

After playing both the line test, and individual time trial in London 2012, this year she made another dream coming true, being for the second time on the Olympic Games routes. Great emotion also for Ane Santesteban, at her first time to the Olympic Games.

Ready for the Olympic race on August 7th, when three athletes of Alé Cipollini Galassia team will start, already a big success.