Our company was founded in the 1980’s in Vago di Lavagno, in the province of Verona, an area which has always been an important trading crossroads. Very soon, with the creation of our new hi-tech membranes, Veratex for footwear and Windtex for clothing, we were in a position to reorganise the company. On the structural side, we built modern new premises in Colognola ai Colli, and in terms of our organisation, we were able to purchase new machinery and to employ specialised staff.
As a result of the characteristics of our membranes and of our strategy, which aimed at developing the brand through substantial investment in the product, we soon achieved a level of success that we had not thought possible. Nowadays Vagotex is a leader in the field of lamination and fabric processing for hi-tech sports clothes and for footwear in general.

Sport is our genetic heritage

Our positive and dynamic company philosophy, and our excellent relationship with the world of sport, has enabled us to create specific fabrics for different sports. Our aim is to improve the technical quality of our materials in order to adapt them to an ever wider and more complex range of situations. Our strong point is to be found in our “field tests” in which numerous athletes put our products to the test in a variety of extreme conditions, trying them out in wind, rain and polar temperatures. Thanks to our reliable testers and constant research, fabrics laminated with Windtex have become a reference point for sports such as mountaineering, cross-country skiing, sailing, cycling and all those activities in which clothing can affect performance.

An efficient internal laboratory

The quality of our products and our expertise have been recognised by the official organisations Certitex and Certicalz, enabling us to attain ISO 9002 international certification. We have also created “Quality Lamination”, the first and only guarantee against the delamination of fabrics caused by frequent washing (in water or dry-cleaning).