The company Vagotex Windtex Spa is builded on over 20,000 square meters! More than 60 employees working on the quality of materials produced and they ensure maximum performance and comfort for all athletes who wearing clothing which are made from Windtex tissues .
The 25 production lines (with a daily production of 30,000 meters of fabrics) and the many tests, that are used every day systematically, can certify the highest quality obtained; Windtex has the loyalty of many professional sportsmen and it has many kind of users of its materials: they gratify the work that it carry out every day with special care and attention.
Windtex is a “philosophy” that embraces all the principles of maximum efficiency and productivity to achieve quality in fabrics and performance that aims to be everytime over the expectation.
Windtex Vagotex S.p.a. is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
This rule governs the procedure for the assessment of quality systems in the company and is issued by Bureau Veritas.
We chose to adopt a Quality Management System certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 as a tool for the improvement of its performance, process control, and to enhance customer satisfaction.

First Oeko Tex Certificate
Second Oeko Tex Certificate