Vagotex has 20 years’ experience in the field of lamination and is able to offer a particularly wide range of products in this field.

Let’s see why:

Vagotex is a manufacturer, so the whole manufacturing process is under our direct control. We have a high level of experience based on years of research and development, the continuous improvement of our products and techniques of production. We are thus able to offer products which are differentiated according to our clients’ requirements and the different uses to which they will be put.
Vagotex products are made to measure on the basis of our clients’ requests and are to be found in many different sectors (clothing and footwear for sports, casual clothing and footwear, gloves, accessories, underwear, furnishings, tents and sleeping bags, the automotive sector, orthopaedics, etc.).
Our techniques are exceptional in that they are the result of the most modern lamination systems and of the know how of our staff.

Some examples:

We can offer our clients varying levels of waterproofing and breathability depending on their needs.
Lamination of glued areas with several different degrees of breathability.
Multi-layered lamination with multiple manufacturing processes.
Lamination guaranteed resistant to washing and/or dry-cleaning.
Lamination with acrylic, polyurethane and latex foam.
Lamination of fabrics with MTP (Moltoprene) of varying degrees of thickness.
Lamination of fabrics with neoprene of varying degrees of thickness.
Water soluble lamination
Lamination of our clients’ fabrics with two or three layers of our waterproof and breathable membranes.
We are also able to offer:

Non run treatment
Water-repellent treatments
Anti-bacterial treatment
Self-adhesive treatment
Thermo-adhesive treatment
Softening treatment