admin | 11 luglio, 2014
Cipollini, Ale, Galassia, YellowFluo

 Another podium for the #yellowfluo ladies: in the finish line of Jesi only Marianne Vos ahead the American cyclist. Even Marta Tagliaferro and Barbara Guarischi in the top ten.

Another podium for Alé – Cipollini – Galassia team: the #yellowfluo girls repeat the second position of yesterday; they do this thanks to Shelley Olds that, after the third position conquered two days ago, today has improved herself, confirming her as an excellent sprinter. Indeed, in the finish line in Jesi, the American surrenders only to Marianne Vos, more and more leader of the race.

As expected, it’s a sprint to decide the fourth stage of Giro Rosa 2014, 118 km from Alba Adriatica to Jesi. However, there is nothing foreseen: for the most part of the stage at the head there is only one athlete: Yulia Ilinykh, but she is alone and the group reaches her when there are still 5 kilometres to go. The final part of the stage is very technical and it is not enough to be good sprinters to win. Indeed the athletees have to face with a third category GPM and the subsequent descent, short but not easy. The most skilled of all is Marianne Vos that once again shows to be the woman to beat, but Shelley Olds makes head against her and conquers a wonderful second position.

Girorosa 2014

“I’m really happy” – the #yellowfluo Sportive Director Luisiana Pegoraro says – “Alé – Cipollini – Galassia team is always protagonist. Today we went really close to victory. I’m pleased with what we are doing at Giro Rosa, the results we are conquering and the mentality of the team. We are showing to be a united group and to have the right determination. I’m sure that we’ll be protagonist for the whole race”.
The goal, after so many podiums, is still to win a stage.


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